Young Democrats running for office in 2018

Young people are vastly underrepresented in public office across Ohio and the U.S. — and these candidates are trying to change that.

Michael Stinziano

Brandon McClain

Bride Rose Sweeney

Mike Hamper

Taylor Sappington

  1. Healthcare expansion: I believe in single payer healthcare
  2. Infrastructure: Ohio’s roads and bridges are Third World, or worse. Years of cuts from the state have starved any ability to fix them up. I want to help reverse that. I’d rather our citizens complain about construction barrels instead of broken rims and blown tires.
  3. Integrity: I will fight the corruption, the harassment, the scandals in Columbus. Even worse than those, the pay-to-play politics has to be taken on. Few folks realize that Ohio has the least restrictive campaign finance limits in the country (of the places where there are any at all). Nobody buys anything for 13 grand and expects nothing in return — that includes their politicians. I want to help build the coalition that will change those rules.



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