Ohioans keep hammering Rob Portman

More than 3,000 Americans are dying from COVID-19 every single day.

Hospitals and health care workers are being strained.

Almost 21 million filed for unemployment in the past month.

Republicans are finally willing to pass a desperately needed relief bill because Mitch McConnell is worried about losing the Senate runoff elections in Georgia.

Sen. Rob Portman is pretending that he’s pushed for this legislation now that he’s worried about his own re-election, but he has been taking a wait-and-see approach on coronavirus aid for months.

Ohioans see through his act. They’re calling him out in papers across the state.

In the Dayton Daily News and Clermont Sun, Ohio Democratic Party Vice Chair Rhine McLin writes:

In the Dayton Daily News, Marjorie Stilwell responds to McLin’s op-ed:

In the Defiance Crescent-News, Connie Allgire writes:

In the Norwalk Reflector, Kate Rivet writes:



Putting #PeopleFirst. As Ohio goes, so goes the nation…

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