Meet friends of education running for office

From teachers to school board members, these candidates have backgrounds in education and are fighting for better schools in their communities.

Bob McCollister

“I just decided that the time had come for me to take action, rather than to sit back and watch things get worse.”

  1. Economic Development: I will work to attract 21st-century industries to Lawrence County, with a special focus on renewable energy. This is the fastest growing economic sector in the US economy, and our county has the greatest solar potential in Ohio because of its geography as Ohio’s southernmost county. I also want to work to build 21st-century infrastructure, including greater access to high-speed broadband and wireless communication.
  2. Education: I want to work with local superintendents and universities to ensure that we are teaching the necessary courses for our students to succeed in the future. Increasing access to Pre-K for our youth is another goal, and I will seek to get the funding for this from public and private sources.
  3. Opioid Crisis: Combating the opioid crisis requires a comprehensive approach. We have begun to create one here in Lawrence County, and I want to build on that progress.

Paul Bradley

I fell in love with the Dayton region while working for Senator Brown, and this is where my wife and I are building a family together. I can think of no greater calling for me than to serve this region.

  1. Improving our public education system. No child should have opportunity dictated to them based on their zip code. We are failing too many children all over this state.
  2. Growing jobs, workforce development and the middle class. These things are all connected and go hand in hand with protecting our labor unions.
  3. Combatting the opioid epidemic. 14 Ohioans are dying every day from this crisis. We need to protect Medicaid expansion and provide more resources to our communities to help with this health crisis.

Janet Garrett

It’s what I did as a teacher, it’s what I did as a Union President, and it is what I will do when I go to Congress. The time for gridlock is over.

  1. My top priority is dealing with the opioid epidemic. 14 people are dying in this state every day as this tragedy plagues our communities. I will go to Washington to fight for real solutions that will help solve this problem. I will fight to preserve Medicaid expansion. I will fight for access to drug courts, addiction treatment, expanded rural care and increased education about the dangers of opioids and how to help loved ones. I will fight for funding and attention that will bring a spotlight to this issue and you can expect me to continue listening to people on the ground, as I have my whole campaign. These are just a few parts of my plan. You can read more at
  2. I will also work hard to fix a broken health care system in Ohio that doesn’t provide nearly enough options for consumers who struggle to find reasonably priced insurance plans and who go to hospitals where the cost of treatment is through the roof. Everyone should have access to quality, affordable care and that will be a top priority for me in Washington.
  3. Finally, as your representative I will continue to focus on protecting jobs and growing the economy. I believe that good work requires a living wage. I will fight to ensure that those who work a 40-hour week aren’t living in poverty and that those who want work can find it. I will also work hard to ensure that people in this district have access to the best possible education from pre-k to post-secondary schooling. Education is a key component of a competitive work force.



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